How to GNS3VM Integration with GNS3 GUI

Here we discuss how to integrate GNS3VM with GNS3 GUI to run smooth and more advanced gns3 labs.
  1. Download and install GNS3 if you don’t know how to install and download GNS3 Click here
  2. Download VMWARE Workstation Pro trial version for GNS3VM. Click here to download. After completion of download install VMware on your computer, it is very easy to install.
  3. Download file from GNS3 Website or click here  to direct download
To download GNS3.VM from GNS3 website go to the
click on the Free download

If you haven’t registered already on GNS3 website create an account and then click Create Accounts  Continue.

If you already have an account, click Login, fill in your details and then click Login & Continue:

After the sign in click on Download VM for GNS3.

In this window click on Download VMWARE Workstation. It will take the time to download depending on your speed.

After the complete download extracts the zip file.

Now open VMWARE Workstation. And click on Open a Virtual Machine option.
Select GNS3 VM.ova file and click open.

Click on Import
NOTE: – Don’t change the Name for the new virtual machine.

Now, wait for the complete process.

After the complete process open GNS3 and click help then click Setup Wizard.

Select Local GNS3 VM and click Next. Also select don’t show again.

Select VMware (recommended) also select VM Name GNS3 VM. Increase your Cores and RAM size depend on your Desktop or Laptop configuration click Next.

Now GNS3 VM start automatically.

GNS3 VM integration is complete. In the next post will learn how to import appliances.


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