How to Configure IOSv-L2 on GNS3 for Advance Switching

While an Etherswitch module does not support advanced layer 2 features, it does allow you to configure basic VLANs, Spanning Tree and other options.  Now you can learn more advanced switching  technologies using Cisco IOSv-L2 VM. Like Etherchannel, , Port Security, DTP, HSRP, Layer-2 forwarding, Switchport, 802.1q trunk, 802.1q VLANs, Spanning Tree (PVST+, RPVST+, MST), Port-Channel (Pagp and Lacp), 802.1x passthrough, Port-ACLs, Dynamic Arp Inspection, DHCP Snooping, IP device tracking, Switched Virtual Interfaces, Layer-3 forwarding over SVIs, Routing protocol support (ISIS is NOT supported), VTP v1-3, PVST, QoS, Inter-VLAN routing, VLAN Access Maps (VACLs / access control lists for VLANs), ACL functionality for both layer2 and layer3 protocol packets, Dynamic Trunking Protocol support, Switchport protected mode And many others.
Port mirroring (SPAN) and Private VLANs are NOT currently supported.
IOSv-L2 support all most everything which we need to learn for CCNA, CCNP Switching Exam.
To configure IOSv-L2 Download this VM extract using Winrar Click here for Download IOSv-L2 ( This VM only for learning purpose ).
Open GNS3 Go to Preferences and click on >Qemu VMs then click on New.

Enter a device name and click Next.

Leave qemu option as default change Ram value 256MB to minimum 512. Then click Next.

Now Select New image click Browse and select IOSv-l2.qcow2 Image the click Open. Now it will ask for would you like to copy IOSv-L2 to default directory click on Yes and click Finish.

Now select Cisco vIOS-L2 VM and click Edit.

Now General Settings Tab Symbol section click browse and click maltilayer_switch symbol and click Ok.

Next click on Category and select Switches.

Now Network Tab Change Adaptor value 1 to 16 also change Name Format Ethernet{0} to GigabitEthernet0\{0} leave other as default and click Ok.

Now Drag Switches on you gns3 workspace and connect with Add Link then start and access Console
Congratulations You have configured Successfully IOSv-L2 Switch on GNS3.


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    Please share if you have IOSv Image for Level 3 funtionalities .

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  7. All ports are showing up up without anything connected. Any know why this could be happening?


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