How to Add Router on GNS3 VM

In this article, we will discuss how to add router in GNS3 VM.
Open GNS3 and click edit then click Preferences.

Click on IOS routers on Dynamips. And Click New.

Click on Run this IOS router on the GNS3 VM and click next.

Click on Browse and select the IOS image and click Open.

Click Yes for decompress this IOS  Image and click next.

Here change the Name if you want so you can remember this IOS on GNS3 VM click next.

Change Default RAM 128 to 256 MiB then click next. On the next window select Network adapters on slot 1 select NM-4T and on WIC card select  WIC-1T on both slots.

Click on Idle-Pc then finish.
Now simply drag routers and create a test topology.